Our Terms & Conditions

Social Media Promoters is governed by the Laws of the Republic of Uganda.

Our Terms are Summarized as Below

For Social Media Promotions
1.Our rates are fixed as advertised except in cases where there is an ongoing Promotion
2.We require every Client to Assign us a role on their Pages as Admin
3.Social Nile doesn’t guarantee results but rather estimate basing on similar adverts because results depend on various Business Models.

Ads Performance depends on various factors such as;
(a)Target Audience
(b)Number of People Online
(c)Ad Space Competition
(d)Design of the Advert
(e)Relevance of the Advert to the Target Audience
(f)Price of the Product or Service
(g)Demand of the Product on the Market
(h)Size of Ads Budget Used
(i)Ad Optimization
(j)Goals you set in your Social Media Strategy

4.As an Ads Agent,Social Media Promoters Rates only apply to placing Ready made Ads not Creating them and as such
extra changes will be levied on the Client.These Charges include;
(a)Page Creation -UGX.10,000
(b)Logo Creation -UGX.150,000
(c)Design work Starts at UGX.50,000
(d)Ads Design UGX.20,000 Limited only to basic content and Images.For Design work kindly refer to 4(c)
(e)Page Management & Moderation will cost UGX.200,000 Per month and doesn’t include Sponsoring Posts and Page Promotion.
This will be purely Organic Marketing.

5.Social Media Promoters has a no credit Policy.All our services are rendered upon full payment of the Service Rate.
6.All the Adverts we Place are Billed in Terms of Ads Impressions / Reach.IF you wish to use the Pay per Click Model.
Kindly contact Customer Care

6.All Ads are subjected to Facebook ,Instagram and Google Terms and Conditions

(a)Facebook & Instagram Terms & Conditions
You can view Facebook & Instagram Ads Policies here :https://web.facebook.com/policies/ads/?_rdc=1&_rdr
(b)Google / Youtube Ads Policies
You can view Google / Youtube Ads Policies here: https://support.google.com/adspolicy/answer/6008942?hl=en

7.All Ads Placed are Subject to 24 Hours Review Process by Our Team or Our Advertising Partners at Facebook & Google.
8.In our sole discretion,we can reject Ads from certain Business Models or Close your advertising account if we deem that
you have been violating our Terms and Conditions
9.Social Media Promoters has a no refund policy.All unused credit will be reflected on your account.Having a difficult time using our services contact Customer Care
10.Social Media Promoters will not take responsibility for Ads that have been placed by a client and are time sensitive in that their
performance determines the outcome of an event under the following circumstances;
(a)Ads have not yet been reviewed and approved by our Advertising Partners
(b)Ads have been rejected for Violating terms and conditions (section 6)
(c)Ads have been placed on the exact day or less than 24hours before the start of the event